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"The Deep Relaxation Dream" by Dream Guides
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A guided deep relaxation dream that tunnels deep into the dream Earth.


"A journalist on television said to never ask residents of war zones why their birds are quiet.
I do not ask you why our birds are quiet."
from “Young Adult City” which appeared in the Super Awesome Mega Gigantic Pretty Sweet Friend Zine
from “Archipelago” with art by Sarah Tue-Fee at Shabby Doll House’s month at Everyday Genius

today at Shabby Doll Genius we have Sarah Tue-Fee & Chad Redden 


today at Shabby Doll Genius we have Sarah Tue-Fee & Chad Redden 

"Postcards are a nice way to send a message to someone. However, they are a fragile form. Why anyone would ever trust paper is an answer we will never know. But if you must send a postcard send a postcard in a bottle. And really there is only one message you should ever write on a postcard. The card should read I love you but I am stuck in a jungle and it is going to eat me. Never specify who you are, this way anyone who receives the postcard will think they are loved by someone who was eaten by a jungle. This is a good way to be remembered. This is a good way to have candles lit in your honor."

Chad Redden, from his dream guides podcast The Rocket Dream (via kdecember)

Oh snap. 


Chad Redden, from Strange Sensation


Chad Redden, from Strange Sensation


"People Doing"
for Connotation Press: An Online Artifact
Editor: David Tomaloff 
The Letter Dream by Chad Redden


         Mail in the morning, mail in the evening, mail at supper time, when you put mail in a mailbox you can have mail anytime. 

                Physical mail is greatly appreciated. Everyone loves getting a little something in the mail. Junk mail is beloved. Free samples cost nothing. A tree gave its life for a coupon but that tree was on its last roots anyway. With the right kind of mail an individual can become sleepy. Commerce is incredibly mundane. The passage of time requires a great deal of sleep in order to be properly appreciated. 

                Astronauts deliver mail from the Heavens. Plenty of individuals end up in Heaven after they are done with living. Life is a bit overrated. The afterlife is feared for reasons that make no sense whatsoever. People fret without a physical vessel to transverse bodies of water. Unfortunately the bodies of water are not limitless but limited. Donations to water include glasses of water, tears, and other things that enjoy absorbing water. Every living creature has a bit of water to it: it is what makes a living creature whole. 

                Great-great Aunts are a thing for everyone. Letters from dead relatives happen quite frequently. The world is a beautiful place even with death. People are armies of one so why not nations? Fortunately people try to do this whenever they can. Individuals can grow themselves into big nations providing plenty of food for the rest of the world. Earth is a giant ecosystem. Nations ought to work together to make the world slightly better. 

                Letters are full of joy. Typically letters smell like absolutely nothing. Mail men and mail women are wonderful with removing rancid smells from the mail. Recipients rarely try to smell their mail. From years of experience the average mail recipient knows that their mail contain no good odor. Such things are common. On rare occasions the letters smell wonderful of coffee beans from a morning spent being busy. 

                With the right ground anything can grow. Reincarnation allows for an individual to be reborn into anything. The Phoenix is real and is more than a French rock band. With the death of an individual there is a new hope immediately born elsewhere. Souls are expensive investments and thus must become properly recycled. Love is required for every kind of living creature. Plants enjoy the care they receive from the world from farmers to bees. 

                Human beings are beautiful. Later human beings become other kinds of beans. Beans are healthy creatures that want to be consumed so they may repopulate the world.

beachsloth enters a dreamguidespodcast dream

Plain Wrap made it possible for you to find my book thursday and Sarah Wisby's book the heart’s progress at the SPD table during AWP.

"Chad Redden Pubcast Interview "
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Back in November I talked with Becca Pollock of Pubcasta podcast featuring interviews with people involved in electronic publishing, about NAP and electronic publishing related topics.